Local IT training


BCS offer four different types of ECDL dependent on your needs.

These vary in the way they are structured, the performance points offered or the funding that they attract.

This is the ECDL range:

  • ECDL Essentials (Level 1 ITQ Award)
    ECDL Essentials is a fixed combination of Level 1 ITQ units covering the fundamentals of IT use.
  • ECDL Extra (Level 2 ITQ Certificate)
    ECDL Extra is a fixed combination of Level 2 ITQ units leading to this internationally recognised IT qualification. Extra introduces applications such as word processing and spreadsheet software.
  • ECDL Advanced (Level 3 ITQ Certificate)
    ECDL Advanced is a fixed combination of Level 3 ITQ units, building on existing knowledge including word processing and presentation software.
  • ECDL (7 unit)
    The 7 unit ECDL allows the learner to gain knowledge and experience in key areas of IT use.

You can find out more details about each of the ECDL courses on the BCS UK website.