Website competition 2011 / 2012 – rules

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Jersey BCS website competition 2011 / 2012

The rules

  1. The Competition is open to all schools, colleges and youth groups in Jersey and will be run according to the following rules:
  2. All work must have been done by students aided only by Parents or Teachers in the manner normally applied to all other school course work.
  3. Your entry must be received by the closing date of 04/05/2012
  4. Your entry must be sponsored by a member of staff from your school, college or youth group
  5. Your entry should be a set of web pages with a theme relevant to your school activities aimed at educating or informing its intended audience, together with a brief description of how the site was built (see Marking). It could be a complete web site or a self-contained subset of a larger web site (for example your school’s, colleges or youth groups web site)
  6. The web site does not need to have been created specifically for this competition, but it should be original work created between the start and end date of the competition
  7. The site should illustrate the effective use of the Internet, but also show you are aware of the potential risks
  8. It must be possible to view all the pages in approximately 10 minutes
  9. You may submit the entry in the form of a URL linking to a live site, on a CD/DVD or USB pen
  10. Online sites should be available 24-hours a day and, preferably, should not be password protected
  11. The judges may use any of the popular browsers to view your site; specifically Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Safari and Opera. You may, if you wish, include code that exploits features of a particular browser, but if you do, you should make sure that users of other browsers have an alternative way to access the same information
  12. If you wish, you may enhance your site with JavaScript and Java applets, but you should not require users to install proprietary tools or plugins
  13. A school, college or youth group may submit several entries, but a school, college or youth group cannot win more than one prize in the same category
  14. The judges reserve the right to discuss any entries with the team members involved to ensure the rules of the competition have been maintained fairly
  15. Other than the above, the judges will not enter into any communication with the entrants regarding a particular entry
  16. The judging panel is made up of volunteers from the BCS organising committee, who are all experienced ICT professionals, and their decision is final.

More information about the competition

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