Website competition 2011 / 2012 – criteria

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Jersey BCS website competition 2011 / 2012

Marking Criteria

The judges will award marks under the headings shown below. However, dont be put off by the marking scheme basically, all we are saying is that the site should look good, it should be easy to find your way around it, and the information should be of high quality, interesting and useful.

The entry does not have to be elaborate. A website which is easy and logical to use will score higher than one which is complex and difficult to navigate.

  • Design (25%)
    • Neat and tidy pages with logical and consistent layout
    • Good use of colour and layout with a small range of blending and nicely contrasting colours
    • Text broken by lines, images and bullets
    • Clear and legible text: dark on light or light on dark
    • The design of the site, pages and graphics assist user comprehension
    • Credit will be given for good design, rather than elaborate features and gimmicks
  • Content (30%)
    • The pages engage and hold the users’ attention and interest
    • They educate or inform the intended audience
    • Your own words – not copied and pasted from another site
    • Information about who has written the pages
    • Accurate, complete, up to date and unbiased information
    • A theme relevant to your school activities (See section on Theme)
    • Identified sources of information with hyperlinks to sites used for research if appropriate
    • Where people can go to explore the subject further
    • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Audience Awareness (10%)
    • An introduction to the site and its intended audience (not necessarily on the home page)
    • Content and language appropriate for the intended userso Attention to needs of different kinds of users, including those with special needs
  • Functionality (20%)
    • Easy navigation how are people going to use the site and where will they want to go next within it
    • Consistent use of menus, buttons, and other icons
    • Alternative routes through the material
    • No broken links
    • A site map and /or “breadcrumbs” if appropriate
    • Elements working as expected – for example any visual, audio and interactive features
    • An awareness of the security and safety issues
  • Something extra or special (15%)
    • Evidence of particular creativity or design flair
    • Interactivity – working e-mail or other feedback option
    • Animation (if it adds value to the experience of using the site, not just as a gimmick)
    • Encouragement for users to find answers to questions

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