BCS Jersey has established good links with the Education sector in Jersey and we promote the concept of IT as a career to students at all levels through sponsorship, attendance at careers fairs, and a range of events and competitions.

Primary and secondary Education

In 2007, BCS Jersey sponsored a competition for children in primary and secondary schools – the objective was to encourage students to demonstrate their skills in using the web as a effective communications tool. The competition was very popular, and presented the judges with a difficult task. With the the generous support of Jersey Telecom, Enterprise, PBS /Canon, the States of Jersey and BCS UK, the winning individuals and their schools were presented with prizes by the BCS President Nigel Shadbolt at an event held at the Jersey Arts Centre.

A similar website competition is being run for the 2011/2012 school year.

Further Education

BCS Jersey also has a strong relationship with Highlands College, the Further, Higher and Adult College of the Island of Jersey. In addition to sponsoring various Highlands awards for BTEC students over the years, in June 2009 the BCS also helped to promote an exhibition by local BTEC students of their work. This provided a great opportunity for the students to show their work and skills to prospective future employees as well as to interested members of the public. The exhibition was planned by the students, and attendees were struck by their enthusiasm and understanding of the subject.

BCS Jersey has also worked with Highlands College to support the development of an IT foundation degree in Jersey. An event sponsored by BCS Jersey and jointly promoted by BCS and Jersey Finance, gave Highlands College an opportunity to present to a different audience, including IT professionals, prospective employers of students and HR professionals.

The Foundation Degree in Information Technology for Business is run by Highlands College in conjunction with the University of Plymouth, and allows students who wish to move on degree level education to do so whilst studying in Jersey. Since its launch, Foundation degree students have been successfully working with Jersey companies in placements, learning valuable workplace skills.


BCS Jersey has also provided presentations which are targeted at the wider community – examples of such events are –