Chair’s Report 2014


Chairman’s Report 2013/2014

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Chartered IT Institute (British Computer Society) Jersey International Section.

I am pleased to be able to report the sections activities for the past year and am delighted and proud of the continued support from our members, non-members, local groups and businesses.


Membership has fluctuated throughout the year and now remains at just over 280 members.


After 4 years on the committee and in my first year as Chairman I acknowledge some inconsistency in our meetings this year. A number of the 2013/2014 new committee members (3 in total) have had to leave immediately after joining. With the smaller committee in place it has been harder to achieve the quorum of 4 and as such there’s less people for planning.


During the summer our events have suffered with a number of national and local speakers or companies pulling out of talks without notice. As volunteers this has had significant impact on our time, however the events we have held have been excellent! I’d like to recap our activities and events:

5th February 2014, Prof Jim Norton, past BCS President: Do Black Swans fly in flocks? Societal vulnerability to infrastructure failure” Professor Norton delivered a lecture that examined the argument that, in the necessary drive for economic efficiency, we may have neglected the resilience and security of our national infrastructure, with potentially catastrophic results. This fascinating talk covered many areas of national infrastructure demonstrating that no matter how robust and resilient our systems can be, we should always maintain plans for the unexpected.

6th February 2014 Prof Jim Norton, Winning in the race for e-business: Professor Norton also delivered a guest lecture at Highlands College, a very informative event with a considerable Q&A covering a wide variety of topics ranging from deep insights into massively scalable systems architecture to the evolution and value of e-business across multiple industries. Prof Norton also attended a committee lunch updating the Jersey section on the BCS’s overall.

15th May 2014, Ronnie Isherwood, Building Technical Communities

We took the opportunity to host a roundtable discussion on building technical communities. We were joined by members of the digital community including representation from TechTribes, BCS Jersey, Channel Islands SharePoint User Group, Channel Islands Information Security Forum, Jersey Windows User Group, Jersey and Guernsey businesses leaders, media and representation from Guernsey’s technical communities.

A number of topics were covered including Jersey as a place for more technical conferences, including working towards greater collaboration between Jersey and Guernsey’s technical communities.

28th August, Paul Jagger, IBM: Learning is the people side of [successful] business change

In the knowledge economy it is a truism to say that knowledge and skills are the only sustainable competitive advantage. Products can be produced at ever lower cost, services can be outsourced to resource centres in emerging economies, but knowledge and skill cannot be easily replicated, commoditised or outsourced. We all know that whether it be in the classroom or the boardroom, knowledge and skills when combined with experience are the route to personal and organisational success – so why is learning either left out of so many organisational change programmes or given such a low priority that it’s almost an afterthought?

28th August, Paul Jagger, IBM: Get Chartered! Everything you ever wanted to know about Chartered IT Professional registration (but were afraid to ask)

Chartered IT Professional (CITP) is the Gold Standard of IT professionalism; a rigorous, standards based assessment of proven competence, conducted by independent peer assessors and revalidated every 5 years. Whether you have never heard of CITP before, or need that final push to apply, this talk will explore CITP from the perspective of a candidate who went on to become an assessor and now supports major employers of IT professionals in embedding CITP assessment in to their internal career development programmes.

Collaborative Events

In addition to the BCS events we have also founded, backed and supported some very successful collaborative events including:

* A Computing at Schools lecture at Highlands College

* The Channel Islands Information Security Forum 2014 Conference

* The 2014 Jersey Techfair

While all our events have been a success, the Jersey Techfair and CIISF conference have demonstrated the value of collaboration between Jersey’s technologists, Education department, companies and community at large. This year I have also been discussing events with others international chairs including Guernsey BCS and hope we can deliver some pan island activities and events in the future.


This year’s new treasurer Matt Palmer has been unable to provide treasurer services due to work commitments. As we bid farewell to Matt I am pleased to announce and welcome Ray Parker who has been elected to the committee and will undertake the role of treasurer.

The opening balance for the financial year 2013/2014 is £7881.01 and at the end of the financial year (31 August 2014) the book balance for BCS Jersey is £8783.10. The total income being £2,283.04 with a total expenditure of £1,380.95.

And finally

I would like to thank the committee members, local businesses and individuals, especially the Digital Jersey team for their support. I look forwards to another successful year working with new committee members to promote technology and professionalism with and events confirmed to be taking place in both December and January.


Ronnie Isherwood, MBCS Chairman (BCS Jersey)