Chair’s report 2012


Chartered Institute for IT – Jersey International Section – AGM (30 September 2012)


Dear Colleagues,

This is the formal Chairmans report for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Chartered Institute for IT (British Computer Society) Jersey International Section.

I am pleased to be able to report to you the activities and success of the section over the last financial BCS year. I will reflect on the sections activity as I am proud of what has been another busy year for BCS Jersey.


Since its launch, some nine years ago, we have increased the enthusiasm and commitment which has been demonstrated by both regular events and Committee meetings. The tough economic climate has seen fewer UK based speakers, but we have successfully focused on our own Jersey talent and the professional network. We staged seventeen high quality events since the start of this BCS year, ensuring the Jersey IT sector continually raises the bar regarding continued professional development.

For some events this year, we have had sponsors. This doesnt mean we are selling our soul or becoming commercial. Sponsor and speaker guidelines have been produced that ensure BCS Jersey maintains its independent and agnostic position.

For the benefit of the local IT community, the majority of our events have (a restricted number of) tickets available for non-members. This is reciprocated by the other organisations that we work with.

Lets remind ourselves of the events during this 2011/2012 period (excluding Committee meetings and this AGM).

2011/2012 events summary

  • 11 December 2012: Information Security – An incident waiting to happen?
    • “We need to take security more seriously,” say the experts. Consultants, auditors, and the media frequently point out that our controls are weak and it is only a matter of time before we either find ourselves hacked, defrauded or hiring new staff. But do these risks really apply in an island like Jersey? Local security expert, Carl Ceillam, will reveal some of the security incidents that have actually occurred in the Channel Islands over the last few years, using carefully anonymised first hand experiences. Many of the events that have taken place never made the news. Beforehand most of the organisations affected would have considered the likelihood of an incident to be remote, if not impossible.
  • 27 September 2012: The Cloud Market is now ‘Open’, how are you taking advantage of it?
    • Russ Miles, author and cloud market broker, took us through the risks and rewards of the emerging cloud market. Using real-world stories and demonstrations from the perspective of the cloud consumer who wants to harness the cost and technical flexibility of the cloud for their mission critical applications and other assets, the talk showed how to prepare for and work the cloud market to the best advantage both strategically and tactically.
  • 12 September 2012: Jersey Careers and Jobs Fair
    • Together with Highlands College, BCS Jersey had a presence in order to help people who want help getting into a career with IT.
  • 17 July 2012: BCS Schools Competition 2012 – Awards Ceremony
    • The Chartered Institute for IT champions the global IT profession and the interests of individuals engaged in that profession for the benefit of all. The Institute fosters links between experts from industry, academia and business to promote new thinking, education and knowledge sharing. In Jersey, the Chartered Institute for IT has 280 members and is very active in the community working with education, businesses, individuals and other bodies such as Digital Jersey. In support of ICT education and promoting the successes of students, the Jersey branch of the Chartered Institute for IT ran a Digital Content competition with the schools. The competition was open to all Jersey schools and students and was designed to fit with the school curriculum. We had an excellent response, with 400 entries and some very innovative ideas. The culmination of ten months preparation and student work was a prize giving event held at the Jersey Opera House.
  • 25 June 2012: Dimensional World
    • Jake Smillie of Business Intelligence specialists Altius Consulting provided an overview of multi-dimensional databases focusing on their purpose, whilst comparing and contrasting them with traditional relational models. Jake demonstrated Essbase and discussed the applications they are suitable for. He also contrasted differing OLAP options available on the market today with particular focus on Microsoft’s new Business Intelligence Semantic Model released as part of the SQL Server 2012 product suite.
  • 16 May 2012: Gigabit Jersey – What is it exactly?
    • There has been much discussion about JTs ‘Gigabit Jersey’ initiative. JTs Dave Newbold (Chief Operations & Technology Officer) and Barna Kutvolgyi (Managing Director – Global Consumer) presented Gigabit Jersey, including –
      • Overview of the Gigabit Jersey network creation project
      • Overview of the roll-out progress and future plans for the life span of the project in Jersey
      • First homes and businesses connected facts and figures
      • User experiences and product-set benefits (retail and business)
      • Introduction and overview of the JT Retail fibre products
  • 26 April 2012 : Contracts and the law
    • Contracts and the law is something that many of us are involved with or have responsibility for, whether as a customer or a supplier. This event, kindly hosted and presented by Ogiers Raulin Amy and Sara Johns, gave an overview of what to look-out for, to avoid what can become costly mistakes.
  • 19 April 2012: Open source lightning talks
    • Our lightning talks always prove popular, as it is an opportunity to learn about different subjects in the one event. For this event, each speaker spoke about something related to open source for 10 minutes –
      • Graeme Moignard gave us ten reasons to use open source in business.
      • Rob Dudley revisited the original RAD platform – ColdFusion / Railo.
      • John Hollis discussed agile development using Groovy and Grails.
      • Simon Brown explained the open source behind including Java, Spring, Lucene, MongoDB and more.
  • 21 March 2012: Wi-Fi security in Jersey – why it matters and how to secure it
    • Wi-Fi security should be a concern to anyone operating a Wi-Fi access point whether for home or corporate use. The risks to you (as an individual) and companies of not having correct Wi-Fi security are many and varied. Our speaker Paul Dutot is actively involved in information security, ISO 27001 and ethical hacking/penetration testing. Pauls lecture will utilise real Wi-Fi survey data from Jersey to paint a picture of the Wi-Fi security landscape in Jersey to draw conclusions and offer solutions.
  • 13 March 2012: Autonomy : Real-Time Information Processing in the 21st Century
    • Autonomy (an HP company) discussed the shift to an era of understanding, processing and analyzing 100% of all information, both structured and unstructured.
  • 27 February 2012: Internet Intelligence – Finding, managing and using information more effectively
    • Our speaker, Arni Stinnissen is a retired Detective Staff Sergeant from the Ontario Provincial Police Electronic Crime Section. In addition to his role as co-founder and inaugural member of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Electronic Crime Committee, he was a member of the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Working Group on Cybercrime. Now, Arni remains busy on the international teaching circuit. The introduction of new legislation and regulatory updates mean that over-stretched teams in compliance, anti-money laundering, financial crime, fraud and investigations departments often feel they are swimming against the tide. You might think that you and your team are getting as much information from your Internet searches as there is. In fact, most users dont know what they dont know about online research. While general Internet research may appear simple, the World Wide Web can be very difficult to navigate when searching for timely, accurate and actionable intelligence. Most online researchers are unaware of how complex the Internet is, how much information they are missing and the risks they may be taking that could compromise their safety, integrity or privacy. Arni showed us how to find, manage and use information more effectively.
  • 23 February 2012: Automating User Interface Testing
    • Aonghus Fraser, SharePoint Lead Consultant for C5 Alliance, showed when, why and how to implement Automated UI Testing for improved quality and reduced human testing effort in the development of web applications (SharePoint included!). A number of options for creating, running, monitoring and measuring automated UI tests as part of the development lifecycle were presented as well as load Testing options and web-based solutions to assist.
  • 14 November 2011: Computer Misuse in the workplace A guide to the forensic and HR pitfalls
    • David Horn, a Director for security experts Sapphire, gave guidance for situations involving the misuse of IT equipment. If you are collating digital forensic evidence, you only have one chance to get it right and it is important not to squander it. Once that chance is gone, there is no going back as you may well have lost evidential integrity and continuity, not to mention creating an HR nightmare. David guided us through the dos and donts and ultimately the best way to make use of your one chance.
  • 01 November 2011: Data leakage and preventing it!
    • We were pleased to welcome back Itexs security expert Bob Childs. The security risk of data leakage in a major concern in Jersey, as it is worldwide. The risk of breaches occurring is no longer a distant threat and the loss of personal, corporate and client data, from either internal or external means, can have enormous reputational and financial implications and measures need to be in place to help prevent this. Bob discussed about creating a Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) strategy, the planning that is required and some practical solutions that are available.
  • 07 October 2011: Microsoft! Back to the Future! A Journey into the Imagination!
    • International speaker, Andy Malone lead this fun filled and inspiring session and took us on a rollercoaster journey into the imagination. Microsoft is the worlds largest software company but how did the dream begin? Andy took us on a quantum leap into the 1970s and then back to the future. The dream was simple! Place a computer on everyones desk and then to connect it to the internet. Over the past 70 years the company has changed the lives of billions of people around the globe and beyond. With amazing technologies such as Windows and cloud computing. What the typical computer look like in 40 years and more importantly how will we interact with it?

Working with other professional organisations
We have continued to work with other organisations, promoting their events when we believe this will be of interest to our members. This has included Digital Jersey, CI Sharepoint User Group, Jersey Windows User Group, Jersey Chamber of Commerce and the APM (Association of Project Managers).

  • Digital Jersey
    • In particular, it is especially pleasing that the lobbying and work to make Digital Jersey happen has now come to fruition. Digital Jersey ( and the Jersey BCS will continue to work closely together, with the BCS being the industry accredited body.
  • Highlands College
    • We are proud of our continued close relationship with Highlands College, supporting the BTEC and foundation degree students with their studies, displaying their work, helping them into a career and with a sponsored award. Our thanks to Stuart Philip for his continued work in this area.
  • Jersey Education
    • We have also met with Jersey States Education Department to offer support for the proposed refresh of the ICT curriculum and teaching environment.
  • Jersey Telecom
    • The event with JT (Jersey Telecom) about Gigabit Jersey held on 16 May 2012, highlighted to JT the need to engage with industry and their clients better on their strategic roadmap. This lead directly to the ICT Business Forum hosted by JT which has resulted in an open, positive dialogue.

Internet presence
As well as the BCS Jersey internet site (, we also operate a LinkedIn Group and Twitter account. The BCS Jersey LinkedIn group has proved very popular and is a good way to advise members of events and related IT news stories.

Jersey BCS continues to use LinkedIn and not the (similar) BCS member network, because the BCS network is restricted to BCS members. The Jersey BCS has strong links to other organisations and uses LinkedIn to attract new BCS members.

Our Committee meetings have been less consistent this year, owing to the difficulty in squeezing time for BCS matters between our work and private lives. Some of our Committee members are standing down at this AGM Lorraine Fiander-Hill (Secretary), Simon Brown and Craig Johnson. I would like to express my gratitude to them for their work.

Membership numbers this year have reduced slightly to 273. This is in part due to not having an active Membership Secretary on the Committee. However, we are still comparable in size to other professional industry bodies on the Island.

Financial Statement
I would like to thank Dr. Ian Jauncey, BCS Jersey Treasurer, who again has maintained an accurate and up-to-date financial position throughout the year.

The opening balance for the financial year 2011/2012 was 1,558.77 and at the end of the financial year (31 August 2012) the book balance for BCS Jersey is 5,246.49

The total income being 10,324.25 with a total expenditure of 2,996.95

Community involvement
This year, we ran a very successful Digital content competition in conjunction with the States of Jersey Education. Thanks to hard work from Stuart Philip, we had 400 entries and a special prize giving ceremony at Jersey Opera House. We fortunate to secure generous sponsorship from local companies and funding from the BCS parent.

The feedback from the schools, students and parents was extremely positive and we plan to run a similar competition again.

…And finally…
This just leaves me to express my thanks to the BCS Jersey committee who have given up their free time to support the goals of the local society.

In addition, my thanks go to all of the IT professional members of BCS Jersey who continue to support and attend events.

We always welcome ideas for events, so please let us know any subjects you would like covered.

I look forward to continuing to build the BCS Jersey into an organisation to further IT professionalism at all levels.

Tim Bullock, Chairman BCS Jersey