Benefits of BCS membership


Joining the BCS means that you will have access to a range of benefits and services.

Local events

  • Most of our local events are free and open to members and non-members, but as a member you will be entitled to a discounted rate for our major events, and also qualify for ‘members only’ events (for example the Airport Control Tower visits)

Career Progression

  • Mentoring is provided to enable members to realise their full potential and develop through the BCS membership grades – mentors will be available to the membership through this scheme which will enhance development opportunities open to members
  • Access the SFIAplus standard which provides BCS Members with free and simple access to the BCS standard for IT professionals – 7 Levels, 86 Skills and 290 Tasks – the framework contains valuable resources to help you explore and identify relevant training and development activities
  • The BCS CPD portal will help you timetable your Continuous Professional Development into your daily activities – this is the best way of making sure you have the time to develop your professional stance


  • Network with fellow IT professionals both locally and nationally / internationally through the Members network and over 50 specialist groups

Knowledge and Best Practice

  • As a member you will be able to access a number of exclusive services including the BCS magazine ITNOW, the ACM Digital Library, selected Forrester reports, Books 24×7 and Best practice portal
  • If you have a problem you need to solve, the online ‘Ask an Expert’ facility may help you solve your problem

Other benefits

  • Discounts on periodical subscriptions and other publications
  • Price reductions on courses from select training providers
  • Discounts on Legal Advisory Service and Professional Indemnity Insurance

Find out more information about the benefits of BCS membership from the BCS UK website.