May 092011

Date: 19 January 2011 – 1230
Subject: Building software – where do you start?
Speaker: Simon Brown, C5 Alliance
Venue: Jersey Arts Centre, Phillips Street, St Helier

Event description

Back from the Christmas and New Year break? Ready to get into gear? Here is the first BCS Jersey event of 2011.

The BCS Jersey International Section invites you to a briefing Building software – where do you start? with our guest speaker Simon Brown. We are also introducing a new method for event booking and a different venue.

One of the hardest things about building software is being asked to come up with a solution when all you’re given is a set of requirements and a blank sheet of paper. Many project teams will dive straight into the nitty-gritty of the technologies and while this can initially be very productive, the slippery slope of constant rework is awaiting those teams that haven’t quite found a solution that works. Often, a little forethought is all that’s needed to get the process heading in the right direction.

Regardless of whether you’re hand-crafting source code in .NET or customising an off-the-shelf product like SharePoint, where do you start?


Our speaker is Simon Brown – read more about Simon on his website.


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Missed this event?

You can download the presentation from Simon’s ‘coding {the} architecture’ website.