May 122011

Date: 11 November 2010 – 1230
Subject: BCS Jersey – Annual General Meeting 2010
Speaker: n/a
Venue: St Paul’s Centre, St Helier

Event description

The BCS Jersey Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming-up - ff you would like to play a part in the future, we would welcome you as part of the Committee.

Why should you join the Committee ?

  • You will be raising the awareness of the IT profession within Jersey.
  • Through events, you will be helping to raise the skills-level of the IT profession within Jersey.
  • Its an opportunity for you to help shape and steer the BCS in Jersey.
  • Its a way for you to make sure you get what you want from your local BCS membership.
  • Its a great networking opportunity – you will get to meet new people within the IT community.

What does being a Committee member entail ?

  • There are a small number of Committee meetings each year – these are usually at lunchtimes or straight after work.
  • The Committee meetings are just one aspect; being a Committee member is a commitment to help organise the BCS and help stage activities and events for our members.
  • Involvement with events varies, but covers from the first germ of an idea through to hosting the event.

What role would I have on the Committee ?

  • Although there are specific Committee roles (Chairman, Secretary etc), there are also Committee Member roles. If you are joining the Committee for the first time, this is often a good place to start as it allows you to see what role you would like in the future.

What do I need to do to join the Committee ?

You need two BCS members to support you. One is your nominator and the other is your seconder. Complete a nomination form, get your Nominee and Seconder to sign the form as well, then send it to the BCS Jersey secretary by midday Wednesday 10th November.

Contact the BCS Jersey secretary if you need more information about being a Committee member.

Missed this event?

You can download the minutes from the 2010 AGM.