May 092011
Date Description Speaker
05/02/2014 Do Black Swans fly in flocks? Societies vulnerability to infrastructure failure Prof Jim Norton
28/11/2013 Big Data in Jersey Charles Robertson
12/11/2013 Desktop delivery technologies which should I use? Ronnie Isherwood, Scott Le Marquand, Jonathan Storey
23/10/2013 The Internet of Everything and Gigabit Jersey Ian Foddering, Tim Ringsdore
30/04/2013 3D Printing, the Internet of Things, the Maker Community and what this could mean for Jersey Mark Loane, Tim Evans, Terry Cox
11/12/2012 Information Security – an incident waiting to happen? Carl Ceillam
30/11/2012 Chartered Institute for IT, Jersey – 2012 AGM
27/09/2012 The Cloud Market is now Open how are you taking advantage of it? Russ Miles
25/06/2012 BCS Jersey Schools Competition prize giving ceremony
25/06/2012 Multi Dimensional Databases for a Multi Dimensional World Jake Smillie
16/05/2012 Gigabit Jersey What is it exactly? Dave Newbold, Barna Kutvolgyi
26/04/2012 Contracts and the law Raulin Amy, Sara Johns
19/04/2012 Open source lightning talks Rob Dudley, Graeme Moignard, John Hollis, Simon Brown
21/03/2012 The state of Jerseys WiFi access points Paul Dutot
13/03/2012 Autonomy : Real-Time Information Processing in the 21st Century Adam Hickson
27/02/2012 Internet Intelligence Finding, managing and using information more effectively Arni Stinnissen
23/02/2012 Automating User Interface Testing Aonghus Fraser
21/02/2012 Communications skills and teamwork Alan Chambers MBE
14/11/2011 Computer Misuse in the workplace A guide to the forensic and HR pitfalls David Horn
01/11/2011 Data leakage and preventing it! Bob Childs
27/10/2011 Waterfall vs. Agile Project Management: When should you choose Agile Project Management? Karen Gray and Simon Brown
08/10/2011 Digital parenting various
07/10/2011 Microsoft! Back to the Future! A Journey into the Imagination! Andy Malone
26/09/2011 Managing Private Clouds and BCS Jersey 2011 AGM Simon Skinner
15/09/2011 Adding Real Value with Business Intelligence C5 Alliance
06/09/2011 Office 365 Get the 360 on 365 Mark Loane, C5 Alliance
11/07/2011 IT projects if you cant beat them, change the game Simon Brown
22/06/2011 Highlands College : IT Education forum and student exhibition IT Curriculum Team, Highlands College
06/06/2011 Security and networking event Andy Malone
19/05/2011 Cloud computing threat or opportunity for Jersey? Chris Evans
12/04/2011 Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010 John Gamble
23/03/2011 Lightning talks Simon Jackson, Bob Childs, David Grady
08/03/2011 Jersey Airport tour of new Air Traffic control tower Air Traffic Control team
01/03/2011 Jersey Airport tour of new Air Traffic control tower Air Traffic Control team
28/02/2011 Building Solutions with Microsoft Virtualisation Ronnie Isherwood
01/02/2011 BCS/IET Annual Turing Lecture Series 2011 (streamed event) Don Knuth
19/01/2011 Building software – where do you start? Simon Brown
11/11/2010 BCS Jersey Annual General Meeting n/a
14/09/2010 The value of business intelligence- the Microsoft vision John Gamble
13/04/2010 The value of business intelligence John Gamble
28/01/2010 A developer’s guide to load testing Simon Brown
25/01/2010 Designing and implementing mission critical systems Colin Butcher
14/01/2010 Improving quality with an automated build process Simon Brown
24/11/2009 Digimap Colin Le Conte
08/10/2009 The Future of Mobile Technology James Woudhuysen
07/07/2009 Windows Server 2008 R2 Deep Dive Justin Rodino
17/06/2009 BCS membership benefits / BCS Jersey annual general meeting Marcus Harris
10/06/2009 IT for Business and Financial Services Foundation Degrees with Highlands College Stuart Philip, Michelle Gosling
14/05/2009 Offshore, Onshore, Unsure – what should we protect and why? Ed Gibson
01/04/2009 Providing a foundation for future IT Professionals Dr Ed Sallis, Stuart Philip
24/03/2009 Windows 7 – A first look Justin Rodino
04/02/2009 Breakfast Briefing: how can you achieve ongoing compliance with regard to Information Security? Adrian Wright
27/11/2008 Making a System Administrator’s life easier with Microsoft PowerShell – part 2 Keith Fox
13/11/2008 The role of the Software Architect in successful projects Simon Brown
23/10/2008 Light touch Project Management Dr Stephen Chiang, David Brown
13/10/2008 Making a System Administrator’s life easier with Microsoft PowerShell Keith Fox
05/06/2008 Enterprise Content Management Duncan Williams
29/04/2008 Information Security Management: ISO 27001 Vernon Poole
13/03/2008 Gartner Group – Trading in a Virtual Environment Steve Prentice
24/01/2008 Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Graham Massey
25/10/2007 Using Microsoft PowerShell to make a System Administrator’s life easier Keith Fox
26/06/2007 The Future of the Web in Business and Society – Dinner / Lecture Professor Nigel Shadbolt
26/06/2007 BCS Jersey schools website competition prize giving Professor Nigel Shadbolt
31/05/2007 2007 Annual General Meeting n/a
04/04/2007 Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) – a case study Neil Cuthbertson, Des McGuire
08/03/2007 Computers and weather forecasting Tony Pallot
15/02/2007 Mobile phone security – the real issues Ricky Magalhaes
26/10/2006 IT governance – why we need it today Neil MacArthur
13/10/2006 A ‘Day at the races’ – three interactive workshop on ITIL processes Afiniti and KAT Business Services Limited
12/10/2006 A ‘Day at the races’ – three interactive workshop on ITIL processes Afiniti and KAT Business Services Limited
14/09/2006 Schools website competition launch n/a
18/05/2006 ICT in the States of Jersey and AGM Dr Stephen Chiang
30/03/2006 Forensic computing Dave Sexton
16/02/2006 Neuro Linguistic Programming: The computer manual that should have come with our brains Moz Scott
09/11/2005 Are ‘free’ telephone calls using ‘VoIP’ technology a reality for the home user? Find out all about the ‘digital phone’. Stuart Philip
21/09/2005 Business Continuity Management workshop Paul Patterson, Chris Oliver
21/07/2005 ISO 9001 and BS15000 (ITIL) (BCS members workshop) Neil Merritt
14/07/2005 IT from Mars, Marketing from Venus David Bowen, Dr Robina Chatham
12/05/2005 Question Time: with Senator Frank Walker on government reform – are we handling change in the best way – what are the alternatives? Senator Frank Walker
21/04/2005 Data Protection – all you need to know about Data Protection but are afraid to ask! Emma Martins
30/03/2005 World Class or Outclassed? The role of IT in the ‘always on” business Phil Austin
09/02/2005 Telecommunications in Jersey – the New Generation Network Bob Lawrence
16/11/2004 The new Digital Map of Jersey States of Jersey and Digimap
21/10/2004 Microsoft .NET Amitabh Iyer
12/10/2004 Home user online security Stuart Philip
28/06/2004 The Future of the Web Professor Wendy Hall CBE
17/06/2004 Business, IT and organisational politics – is there a formula for success? Dr Robina Chatham
06/05/2004 Jersey sub-branch Annual General Meeting n/a
27/04/2004 Sleeping at nights for IT Managers Iain M. Tolmie
24/03/2004 Managed web hosting for offshore based e-business n/a
27/11/2003 Who needs standards anyway? David Cairns
04/09/2003 Emerging technologies in the telecommunications industry Bob Lawrence
31/07/2003 Protecting children from Internet hazards Professor Margaret Ross
29/07/2003 The Web and Disability Legislation (is your organisation’s site illegal?) Professor Margaret Ross