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Date: 24 January 2008
Subject: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Speaker: Graham Massey, Chief Technology Officer of Accenture
Venue: Jersey Archive, Louise Rose room, Clarence Road, St Helier

Event description

Service oriented architecture is pre-eminently a new way of conceptualizing the role of IT to ensure it supports the enterprise’s strategic business goals better. In this first event of 2008, we will learn how businesses can use SOA enabled solutions to successfully respond to market shifts, reduce costs, enhance productivity, meet client needs and boost their return on investment.

This event is aimed at IT Managers, CIOs, CTOs and IT decision makers.


Graham Massey biography –

  • Chief Technology Officer Accenture UK and Ireland Systems Integration & Technology Consulting Practice
  • 19 years with Accenture working cross industry in Systems Integration and outsourcing.
  • Specialist in Technology Architecture and Enterprise Architecture.
  • Electrical Engineering and embedded systems background.
  • Since joining Accenture has delivery experience in all technology generations from 1980’s IBM & ICL mainframe through Unix client/server, web architectures, .NET and SOA.
  • Focused on shaping overall solution architecture and the integration of heterogeneous architectures.
  • Has previously led Accenture’s global capability investments to address SOA.
  • Current role as technology lead for Accenture at a UK central government department implementing SOA platform technologies as part of a broader business transformation.


BCS members who would like to attend this site visit should email the event organiser (jersey.events@bcs.org).


BCS Jersey would like to thank the Jersey Meteorological Department for hosting this event.

Missed the event?

The presentation from this event is available in PowerPoint or PDF format.