Apr 122011

Date: 31 July 2003
Subject: Protecting children from Internet hazards
Speaker:Professor Margaret Ross (Chair of BCS Hampshire), and representatives from the Police, Highlands College, the Data Protection Registrar and Jersey Telecom

This meeting was set up to assist parents and teachers to protect children from problems associated with the Internet chat rooms and to identify possible actions that can be taken by the parents and the schools. The meeting considered actions that parents and indeed grandparents should to do minimise risks relating to the Internet and chat rooms for their children.

This included discussion of parental controls, which can be set at various levels for different children within the family. The problems of how to balance warnings or restrictions on use of the Internet and chat rooms with the need to encourage children to learn to utilise this amazing source of information available on the Internet were considered. Actions that should be taken by parents if they become concerned were discussed.

The meeting attracted strong media attention and details of the meeting along with some key advice went out on the Friday 6.30pm Channel Television news.

This event was brought to you with the help of Highlands College.