Apr 182011

Date: 27 November 2008
Subject: Enterprise Content Management
Speaker: Keith Fox CEng CITP MBCS
Venue: Highlands College (Elliot Buildings – d’Hautree site)

Event Description

This is the second of a two part workshop covering more advanced topics. All those who attended the first session will be ideally placed to get the most out of this second one, but anyone who has a basic knowledge of PowerShell or scripting is welcome. The session is hands-on.

Are you a systems administrator? Do you have a lot of Microsoft Windows Servers? How many? What is their CPU utilisation? How much disk space do they have? How much memory? How can you restart the Spooler service on all of your Print Servers automatically? How many users are in your Active Directory? How can you change the details of everyone in the Accounts department?

Find out how you can do these things and more without having to spend vast amounts on expensive management tools. This hands on workshop will show you how Microsoft’s new scripting language, PowerShell, uses the power of the .NET framework to make automation and information gathering easier for the System Administrator. If you’ve dabbled with VBScript or other scripting tools and found them lacking, then give PowerShell a try.

Topics covered will include:

Session 2
Revision of topics covered in Session 1
Harnessing the power of WMI
Getting information from AD
Working with Databases
Windows PowerShell