Apr 122011

Date: 12 October 2004
Subject: Home user online security
Speaker: Stuart Philip (Highlands College IT Department)
Venue: Concert Hall, Highlands College

Stuart highlighted some of the major threats to the security of home PC use with a focus on those relating to use of the Internet.

The presentation lasted just over an hour and explained how by taking some basic precautions and using free or low cost software you can significantly reduce the probability of virus attack, unwanted intrusion and identity theft.

All those who attend were given a handout of useful Internet addresses to take away with them.

You can download the presentation slides either in sections (which will be quicker) or the complete presentation (13 MB file) – all in Adobe Acrobat format.

1 – Security basics and firewalls

2 – Virus infections

3 – Testing for viruses

4 – Adware and spyware

5 – Financials and phishing

6 – Passwords and accounts

7 – Software updates and summary

This was a free event which was open to the public and attended by about 80 people.0.5 BCS CPD points were available for attendance at this event.