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Date: 13 March 2008
Subject: Gartner Group – Trading in a Virtual Environment
Speaker: Steve Prentice (Gartner Research, Vice President and Gartner Fellow)
Venue: Grand Jersey, Esplanade, St Helier

Event Details

BCS Jersey in partnership with Gartner, would like to invite you to our upcoming Networking Event to be held on 13th March 2008 – featuring discussion on “Trading in a Virtual Environment”.

In April 2007 Steve Prentice at Gartner published a prediction that “by 2011 80 percent of active internet users would have a presence in a virtual world” – that has been picked up and repeated in articles all over the world about the subject of virtual worlds ever since. Steve remains one of the leading experts in the field.

As we enter 2008, Virtual Worlds are again high profile in the press, but not always for the right reasons! Are there really 75 million “people” in virtual worlds today? Where are they? What are they doing? What is the truth about “Second Life”? Is anybody making any money? Is there a business model that works? Are Virtual Worlds secure enough for business? What about the legal position? Why did John Jacobs pay $90,000 for a banking license in Entropia Universe? What is the view from the UK Financial Services Authority? What about Education and distance learning? Why is the BBC launching a virtual world for children? Why did CSI Miami “cross over” into Second Life?

For the answers to these questions, and many more, join us ……..

This event will aim to provide you with practical advice, actionable insight and proven methods that lead to excellence.


Steve Prentice – Gartner VP and Fellow
Steve Prentice photo


Steve Prentice is a distinguished analyst and chief of research for cross-research projects and special research themes at Gartner. He takes a specific interest in the long-term future of technology – looking at the intersection of technology, business and society. Current research interests include the consumerisation of IT and the growth of virtual worlds and social networking and their impact on businesses.


Steve joined Gartner in March 1997 from GPT Ltd, where he was Director of Marketing with the payphones group. Prior to GPT, he held a variety of marketing-oriented roles with both software and hardware vendors, including seven years with Logica Ltd., undertaking a wide range of client-based consultancy and market research in the IT and Telecommunications sectors.

“The challenge is looking into the future across the entire spectrum of technology to identify trends, disruptions and those areas where two plus two does NOT equal four. The reward is being able to develop an integrated perspective from this knowledge and then share this insight with clients from every sector and in every region as they go about their strategic planning.”

Years of Experience
11 years with Gartner
33 years in IT industry

Professional Background
GPT Ltd., Director of Marketing, 4 years
Santa Cruz Operation Ltd., Channel Marketing Manager, 7 years
Logica Ltd., Consultant, 7 years

Postgraduate certificate in business management, Coventry University
Postgraduate diploma in technological economics, University of Stirling
Bachelor’s degree in marine biology, University of Liverpool


Contact Ricky Magalhaes Mobile: 07797912162 / jersey.events@bcs.org.

Cost 20 for members and 25 for non members – this event is subsidised by BCS Jersey.