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Date: 30 March 2006
Subject: Forensic computing
Speaker: Dave Sexton (Sapphire Technologies)
Venue: Jersey Museum (AV theatre)

Event Description

Many organisations depend upon computers to deliver products or services to their customers and in Jersey, with its large finance industry such reliance is even more marked. As tools, computers are part of the everyday workflow of information and data, but what happens when suspicion is aroused and an organisation, a division, a team member is involved in an investigation. The paper-based, manual part of the investigation is understood and can take place, but how are electronic records analysed as part of the forensic process?

The requirement to undertake forensic investigation of computing equipment is growing with the growth in automation and use of computers, but such investigations can fail because electronic evidence is inadvertently rendered inadmissible by inexperienced staff. How should an investigation set about gathering electronic information, how can the evidence safeguarded and what procedures must be followed?

The Jersey Branch of the British Computer Society invites you to a talk entitled Computer Forensics and Incident Response. Dave Sexton, from UK security specialist company Sapphire Technologies, is highly qualified in the field of computer forensics and has worked on a number of investigations for local government authorities in the UK.

The 45 minute talk will cover the concepts of computer forensics, incident response and data recovery and will identify the tools procedures and methods used in investigations of hard drives, USB drives, CDs, DVDs and mobile phones, etc. This will be followed by a question and answer session and resources will be made available to assist attendees with controlling and managing incidents in the future.

BCS members attending this event will be able to claim 0.5 CPD points for continuous professional development.


You do not need to be a BCS member to attend this free event, but please do let the event organiser know so that we can monitor numbers. If you want to attend the event, or have any questions about it, please email the event organiser (jersey.events@bcs.org).


BCS Jersey thanks Sapphire Technologies for providing the speaker for this event.