Apr 122011

Date: 4 September 2003
Subject: Emerging technologies in the telecommunications industry
Speaker: Bob Lawrence, Bo Pinel, Chris Petra (Jersey Telecom)

“Emerging Technologies in the Telecommunications Industry” was the topic of the British Computer Society Jersey sub-branch’s first event held on Thursday 4 September. Hosted by Jersey Telecom, the event was attended by about 20 Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals from a wide range of local business areas including legal, finance, computer suppliers and the public sector.

Bob Lawrence, Jersey Telecom’s Managing Director, said, “it has been a pleasure to host an event and share information on developing technologies that very soon will become fully integrated into our every day lives. I hope that the members of the BCS Jersey sub-branch will have learnt about some of the key areas in which Jersey Telecom and its business partners expect to provide future services.”

In addition to a short video entitled “a day in 2007” which showed how technology will be used to control the home and working environment, the audience also learnt about the building blocks of Jersey Telecom’s future communications network. The use of “softswitch” technology will protect customers’ existing investment in voice communication equipment, whilst providing new features that can be implemented when required. It facilitates the transfer of data and voice communications over the same core network infrastructure through the use of Internet Protocol (IP). This technology is being deployed now and those present were able to participate in a short demonstration in a simulated office / home and mobile environment.

Brett Sumner, the Chairman of the Jersey sub-branch of the British Computer Society, said, “our inaugural meeting has been a great success! Our members have a keen interest in developments in the telecommunications industry and I would like to thank Jersey Telecom for an informative and inspiring presentation”.

This event was brought to you with the help of Jersey Telecom.