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Date: 8 March 2007
Subject: Computers and weather forecasting
Speaker: Tony Pallot (B.A., B.Sc., F.R.Met.S.)
Venue: Jersey Meteorological Department, Jersey Airport

Event Description

The job of the meteorologist has changed beyond all recognition in the last 25 years with the advent of IT. The tour of the Department will take you through the various applications of IT from an aid to the observer through to the sophisticated products now received by the forecaster from the United Kingdom Meteorological Office. En-route we will see how IT is very mucha tool at the forecasters’ disposal, enabling visualization of the weather, the production of forecasts and the dissemination of those products to the end customer.

There will also be a cautionary note about ‘GIGO’ and the role the forecaster has to play in interpreting the computer output.

This event will be held on-site at the offices of the Jersey Meteorological Department which is based at Jersey Airport. BCS members who register for this event should assemble in the arrivals hall near the stairs (on the right hand side as you enter) just before 18:00 – Tony Pallot will then escort the group to the Jersey Meteorological Department offices on the first floor.

The event should last about 1 hour and is for BCS members only (a maximum of 15 people will be able to attend). BCS members attending this event will be able to claim 0.5 CPD points for continuous professional development.


Tony Pallot is the current Principal Meteorological Officer in charge of the Jersey Meteorological Department based at Jersey Airport. A graduate from Southampton University (Mech. Eng.) and latterly from the Open University (Earth Science and Computing) Tony has been very much involved with the development and deployment of IT within the Meteorological Department.


BCS members who would like to attend this site visit should register their interest (please quote your BCS membership number) by emailing to the event organiser (jersey.events@bcs.org). Registrations will on a first come first served basis – requests will be acknowledged.

BCS members attending this event should assemble in the Airport arrivals hall just before 18:00. Please be prompt.


BCS Jersey would like to thank the Jersey Meteorological Department for hosting this event.