Apr 182011

Date: 4 February 2009
Subject: Breakfast briefing: how can you achieve ongoing compliance with regard to Information Security?
Speaker: Adrian Wright, Managing Director of Secoda
Venue: Jersey Museum

Event description

We are seeing an unprecedented rise in information security exposures and data handling blunders. As we enter an increasingly mobile world, how can you conduct ‘continuous monitoring for constant vigilance’?

In the HM Revenue & Customs Report (Poynter Report) one of the key recommendations was to deploy automated compliance methodologies this session will discuss the products available.


Adrian Wright, our presenter, is a respected leader in Governance, Risk and Compliance. Adrian was formerly the Corporate Information Security Officer at Reuters before developing Rulesafe which is now gaining respect and widespread usage throughout both public and private sector organizations.

Missed this event?

The presentation from this event is now available for download in Powerpoint slide show format.