Apr 142011

Date: 12 October 2006, 13 October 2006
Subject: A ‘Day at the races’ – three interactive workshop on ITIL processes
Speaker: This series of workshops will be facilitated by Afiniti and KAT Business Services Limited.
Venue: Highlands College Blue Room

Event Description

One of the objectives of this short series of workshops is to provide delegates with a fun way of understanding the principles of Service Management processes in a environment atypical of their own. Dates for the events are –

12 October 17:30 – 20:30
13 October 09:30 – 12:30
13 October 13:30 – 16:30

A Day at the Races will be a compressed version of a one day course based around the management of a Horse Racing Course, its people and infrastructure: the ultimate aim of the event is to successfully get your horses to the starting line and achieve customer satisfaction by getting the race pundits armed with champagne, betting tickets and car parking and so on. Delegates take on various roles required to run the event. During the course of the game “incidents” occur which will disrupt or halt the running of the event, such as problems with parking, burst pipes etc. Delegates will have to actively log and fix these faults to enable the race to continue. The ITIL processes are demonstrated through the rounds: Incident, Problem, Release, Change, Service Continuity, Configuration, Service Level and Financial Management as well as Supplier Management. Other key areas which are highlighted are communication, team and delegation skills as well as quality fault resolution and information dissemination.

The workshop will be interactive and use Experiential Learning, an innovative and exciting way of introducing Service Management processes to organisations, achieving buy-in from all levels of the organisation and moving towards a culture of customer service. The concept behind experiential learning is to provide participants with the ability to comprehend and apply Service Management concepts in a non-threatening, atypical environment. Learning is most easily achieved when it is fun, and when the delegate can learn by practice and action. Experiential learning can promote key Best Practice messages in Service Management Processes, Business Awareness, communication and teamwork by allowing participants to actively see the benefits as they are applied. Experiential learning draws from delegate’s own experiences, knowledge and common sense to show how valuable best practice can be.

BCS members attending one of these 3 hour events will be able to claim 2.25 CPD points for continuous professional development.


This event is for BCS members only. BCS members who want to attend should register their interest quoting their membership number by emailing the event organiser (jersey.events@bcs.org).


BCS Jersey would like to acknowledge the support of KAT Business Services Limited and Afiniti in delivering this event.