Apr 132011

Date: 16 November 2004
Subject: The new Digital Map of Jersey
Speaker: States of Jersey and Digimap
Venue: L’Horizon Hotel, St Brelade’s Bay

The States of Jersey launched the new Digital Map of Jersey on the 17 November and this event offered a preview of the launch.

The audience first learned how the States’ Geographic Information Systems (GIS) steering group had defined the key steps towards this significant and exciting milestone and was also mapping the approach for exploiting new applications that can be delivered using the digital map. The underlying systems, and the method by which further integration across the States’ and with external parties will be achieved, were explained.

The second phase of the presentation described how the corporate Land and Property Index’s provided a set of consistent addresses using Unique Property Reference Numbers – something that several States and Parish systems are now using.

The final part of the presentation was a visual demonstration of the mapping system which showed how separate sets of information could be viewed using the digital map to provide new ways of interpreting information in a geographical, or spatial, context.

This presentation to BCS members and guests provided an insight into the technology behind the map, the use of GIS and the potential benefits to Jersey businesses and States’ departments.

This presentation was given by the States of Jersey and its marketing partner, Digimap.

This free event was a preview of the official launch and was open to both BCS members and non-members. BCS members who attended the event were entitled to claim 0.5 CPD points.