Apr 122011

Date: 17 June 2004
Subject: Business, IT and organisational politics – is there a formula for success?
Speaker: Dr Robina ChathamBSc PhD MIMechE CEng
Venue: Jersey Museum

This event was run in partnership with the Jersey Institute of Directors.

The interactive presentation helped the audience understand how you perceive others and how they perceive you can have a significant impact on your effectiveness, whether it is in the coffee room or the boardroom.

Robina placed the IT stereotype in context using her own entertaining and informative style and in a way that was amusing for business and IT people alike. She took attendees on a trip covering organisational politics, understanding the human psyche, IT managers’ habitual behaviours of the past and rounded off with how IT Managers can get ‘streetwise’ in today’s organisation.

This was an eye opening event for personnel from all areas of business and changed the way attendees will look at fellow workers!

0.5 BCS CPD points was awarded for attendance.

Speaker notes

Dr Robina ChathamBSc PhD MIMechE CEng is a visiting Fellow at Cranfield University School of Management.