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Date: 27 April 2004
Subject: Sleeping at nights for IT Managers
Speaker: Iain M. Tolmie FBCS MCMI MAE MCIArb QDR
Venue: Pomme D’Or Hotel

Avoiding and resolving disputes

A look at how to define and manage contracts so as to minimise the risk of disputes, how to plan to resolve disputes speedily and (relatively) cheaply and how to manage the ones that get away so as to restrict the damage. Hence the how to sleep at nights!

So how do you ensure that what you ordered is what you get? How do you make sure you really own what has been delivered? How do you protect your IP rights and avoid abusing those of others? Do you even know about IP rights? What happens when you want to change your mind? If you are outsourcing, how do you keep the service going whilst you iron out disputes? Why dont you just throw the contract in a drawer and forget it? Do lawyers really know what IT is all about? Are there other ways than fighting it out in court? Can we avoid everybody knowing we made fools of ourselves? Isnt there a better way than last minute panic?

So how well do YOU sleep at nights?

Who should attend? Anyone who works in or with IT, whether as a user, customer, supplier or legal adviser. Although Iain will be speaking from the perspective of how things are done on the mainland (as affected by the law of England and Wales), the talk will be relevant for all who are concerned with buying, using, selling or supporting computer goods or services in this high pressure and turbulent environment which is computing (or ICT if you prefer!).

What are the benefits? Those who attend will be treated to a gently presented but none-the-less hard-nosed look at effective commercial approaches to limiting and managing the risks involved in purchasing or supplying IT goods and services.

This was a free event with buffet lunch provided. BCS 0.5 CPD points were awarded for attendance.

Speaker Notes


Iain has been involved in computing (IT or as the latest fashion has it – Information and Communications Technology) since 1963.

His background has involved almost all the roles imaginable in computing and a few more besides. He has experience in both buying and selling computer goods and services and providing word-wide support. So he has wide experience of the need to get things right.

His experiences include managing multi-million projects and the problems that arise from them.

Since 1983 he has been involved in various forms of dispute resolution and has trained both as a Mediator and Arbitrator. He has carried out Expert Determinations, given evidence in court, mediated disputes and sat as Arbitrator.

His experience includes disputes as to the ownership of intellectual property (who owns that program) and disputes over the fitness for purpose of software and/or hardware.