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Date:29 July 2003
Subject:BCS Jersey Sub-Branch Launch, and presentation: the Web and Disability Legislation (is your organisation’s site illegal?)
Speaker:Professor Margaret Ross (Chair of BCS Hampshire)

Event description

Two new sub-branches have been set up for the Channel Islands, with administration by the Hampshire branch.

Brett Sumner, an IT manager at financial services group HSBC, is the Jersey contact. He says, Assistance in addressing some of the many issues associated with providing first rate information systems support and development on the islands requires collaboration between all the interested parties. There is an opportunity to do this under the formal umbrella of the BCS.

The formation of the sub- branches is particularly timely, because both islands have become established world-class financial centres. Jersey boasts over 50 international banks and more than 30,000 registered companies with total deposits exceeding 155bn.

Catherine Taylor of the Guernsey sub-branch says, BCS members are very keen for this sub-branch to be established, and are looking forward to the launch on 16 July.

This event was brought to you with the help of ITEX (Jersey) Ltd and Highlands College.